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Jessica Goldblatt, Owner

Jessica first opened Interiors Green in 2008 as a resource for people interested in “green” living and natural building offering eco-friendly products that are hard to find in traditional retail stores. She is continuously evaluating and sourcing products that have a minimal impact on personal health and the environment Jessica is actively involved in her community, and shares her passion for environmental sustainability by providing advice through articles and presentations about green living.

Jessica appreciates the beauty, function, and value of salvaged items. Her mother owned an antique shop in Bethlehem, and when it closed, Jessica incorporated antiques and building salvaged pieces into Interiors Green.


Located in the heart of the scenic White Mountains, Littleton New Hampshire is located on route 302 and is close to the Vermont and Maine borders, providing customers with easier access to a resource for natural home and eco-friendly products.

Make your home healthy and beautiful.